Glenwood Springs – Mitchell Creek Electric Transmission Line Rebuild Project

Current and Planned Work on the Project

Current activities include geotechnical investigations and land survey along the rebuild route. The results of these studies will provide information on the soils and other below-ground conditions that we will use to determine placement and design of the new poles along the route. Before the work begins, Xcel Energy will be contacting landowners in the areas where these studies are planned.

We are also reviewing the 2.25-mile-long line to identify where access is limited and where additional clearances may be required to determine the safest route for construction and future maintenance of the line. This information will be combined with the results of the line engineering and design work to develop a detailed plan for the line rebuild.

During the rebuild process, we will:

  • Engage landowners and the surrounding community to provide details about the planned rebuild and address questions or concerns
  • Clear vegetation along access routes and within transmission line right-of-way
  • Determine pole locations and finalize structure design
  • Identify construction and maintenance access routes
  • Remove 38 existing structures and the conductor wires connecting them
  • Install new transmission line structures and conductor wires
  • Test and energize the rebuilt transmission line
Anticipated Project Schedule (Subject to Change)
Evaluate the Project route2019 – Summer 2020
Work with landowners on transmission line and access route easementsSpring 2020 – Spring 2021
Transmission line design and engineeringSpring – Summer 2020
Identify and obtain any necessary Glenwood Springs and Garfield County permitsSummer to end of 2020
Begin construction via ground equipment and helicopterMid-2021
Complete construction, restore work areas and energize line2021